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Maximise Your Protection and Comfort with Rynox

Posted on August 04 2020

As one of the leading brands of motorcycle apparel and accessories in India, we have some very unique offerings to our customers. Here’s how you can maximise your protection and comfort with Rynox.



As a protective gear brand, reducing the risk of injury to a rider in case of a fall is our primary job. Therefore, we do not compromise on the impact protection we offer in our apparel. All our jackets, from the entry level Air GT 3 Jacket to the flagship Stealth Evo 3 Jacket come with CE certified Level 2 protection in shoulder, elbow and back. The protectors we use in our jackets are from some of the leading brands across the world like Knox, Safetech and Powertector.

Explore Jackets with CE Level 2 Certified Protection: Click Here



We provide two weather layers as standard in all our jackets and pants, right from the entry level product to the top-shelf one. Again, this policy comes from the belief that irrespective of your budget and which Rynox protective apparel you buy, you should be able to ride in any weather, any season. Our rain layers come with sealed seams and retro reflective panels. The rain layer can be worn internally or externally depending upon which jacket you buy. The internal winter layers are all full sleeves liners (no sleeveless vests), made using insulation from 2 leading technology brands, Dupont Sustans and Reissa. These 2 weather layers, combined with the primary outer shell of the jacket make sure that no change in weather will become an obstacle between you and your adventure.

Explore our Layering System: Click Here



When it comes to riding pants, it is extremely crucial to have the knee protectors placed exactly over your knees. The KneeSlap Mechanism is our unique solution that gives you total control and lets you adjust the height and the position of knee protectors while wearing your pants. All our riding pants have the Knee Slap mechanism, again, irrespective of the price point.

Watch how to use the Knee Slap Mechanism: Click Here

Explore our Knee Slap Mechanism: Click Here



After protection, our next goal is to provide maximum comfort to the rider. And our Stealth Evo 3 Jacket, engineered for the long haul, does that in a unique way. The jacket has an integrated lumbar support belt that assists in reducing fatigue, so that you can be in the saddle longer. When worn correctly, the lumbar support belt takes some of the weight of the jacket off your shoulders. The belt also provides a degree of support to your lower back, helps in reducing strain and can improve posture.

Watch how to wear and use the Lumbar Support Belt: Click Here

Explore Lumbar Support Belt: Click Here



As motorcyclists, we willingly and regularly put ourselves in potentially risky situations. At Rynox, we believe that every rider needs to have comprehensive personal accident insurance coverage. Our Wingman Insurance initiative is intended to work as a starter pack towards that objective. With the purchase of any Rynox jacket or pants worth INR 4,000/- or more, the buyer gets a complimentary personal accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- for 1 year, from Rynox!

Explore Rynox Wingman Insurance: Click Here


At Rynox, our vision is Head-to-Toe Protection, from home, to home. These are just some of the ways through which we get closer to that vision.


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    Nice stuff shared here, you can go with ZEUS MOTORCYCLE AND GEAR to maximize your protection and comfort.

  • Aji Gopalan: November 01, 2020

    Is it possible to customize protective ridding pant in terms of measurement and additional protection

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