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Popular Moto Vloggers in India

Posted on April 26 2017

Over the past few years, Moto Vlogging scenes in India have been on the rise. From a handful of vloggers, today, you are likely to find many active bikers sharing their passions for biking on social media platforms. From excellent bike reviews to breathtaking views, these vloggers are doing it all. They also cover interesting topics and discussions that overflow their comments.

Below, we take you across upcoming and popular Moto Vloggers in India who have quality content and make a worthwhile watch. This is not a ranking of the vloggers, but simply our attempt to recognize some good work happening on the Moto Vlogging space in India.

Mumbiker Nikhil


Going by the cool identity – “Mumbiker Nikhil”, this Mumbai lad – with a youtube followership of 80k plus and increasing at a fast pace, is by far the most popular vlogger in India today. Nikhil has a pleasing screen presence that endears him to his followers striking an instant cord with those hitting his page for the first time.

Rynox was glad to be associated with Mumbiker Nikhil recently for his ride to Ladakh where we sponsored him the Tornado Pro Armoured Riding Jacket and the Advento Armoured Riding Pants.

Vikas Rachamalla

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Another well –known Indian motto vlogger whose YouTube channel will interest you is Vikas Rachamala. A true lover of machines who loves to ride anything with wheels is an expert when it comes to DIY, touring on a motorcycle, bike reviews, tips and tricks and a lot more. His Youtube channel will guarantee to provide valuable information on Yamaha YZF-R1, Suzuki GSX 1100F, Suzuki GSXR 1000, KTM Duke 390 and more.

Ride with Rahul

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One of the latest to join the race and is known to share everything one could imagine recording on an action camera is Rahul Mazumder. With 22k plus followers, his reach is sizeable on Youtube. Like him, hate him, you sure can’t ignore him. There are many who love watching his motorcycle reviews, comparison, riding gear review and local event coverage, and much more. Crisp style, good on screen presence and wide reach, Rahul sure has enough reasons to feature on our list.

Oggy F

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While the rest of the country is not at all keen on following traffic rules, Oggy F makes sure he always does. Besides capturing reviews, first impressions and touring videos, he also ‘captures’ morons who break traffic rules.

And if that wasn’t enough to make you watch his channel, his soothing way of conveying things definitely will. All in all, Oggy makes for an interesting watch.


The Everyday India

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Last but not the least; we have Everyday India whose channel is solely for the purpose of entertainment. He loves riding his machine and wishes to do until days on end. Making movies and showcasing a different perspective of the world around is what he does best. So if you love honest and witty content with a ‘Desi Tadka’, Everyday India will leave you amused.

While this might just give you a brief about a few Moto Vloggers, there are others who are popular as well – SimonSezRide, The HeartBrokenBiker, Buffmoto, Zohair Ahmed, Infoclone and Delhi Downshift are just to name a few.

If you think you can yourself make clutter breaking video content about your rides or your views about everything motorcycling, what are you waiting for? Never been a better time if you wanted to get started with it!

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