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Stormproof Your Monsoon

Posted on September 03 2020

Riding in the monsoon is an amazing experience, but it can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the correct monsoon-ready luggage and gear. Here’s a handpicked selection of our stormproof products which will keep you and your stuff dry in the rains.

We use a roll-top closure system in all our stormproof luggage. Twisting the roll-top three times and then locking it ensures complete stormproofing.

Expedition Trail Bag 2

With a 42 ltr volume and an outer shell made from super-strong vinyl coated waterproof fabric, our Expedition Trail Bag 2 is the go-to bag for monsoon rides. Engineered to be mounted on the rear seat, the bag can also be converted into a backpack when off the motorcycle. The 4 quick release buckles make sure the mounting is hassle free. The Expedition Trail Bag 2 will make your monsoon luggage system seem much lighter than intended.

Explore Expedition Trail Bag 2Click Here
Watch our Expedition Trail Bag mounting video: Click Here

Expedition Saddlebags

The Expedition Saddlebags are for those whose travels lead them to unexpected destinations, in unpredictable weather conditions. This pair of 64 ltr, no-frills saddlebags makes sure you don’t miss out on anything on your monsoon ride. The stormproof roll-top opening for the main compartment and radio frequency heat welded seams will keep the water out and your stuff dry. The Expedition Saddlebags have a universal fit. For motorcycles with upswept silencers, a saddle-stay is recommended.

Explore Expedition Saddlebags: Click Here
Watch our Expedition Saddlebags mounting video: Click Here


Expedition Dry Bag 2

The Expedition Dry Bag 2 is the smallest in the expedition series, but don’t judge it by its size. This dry bag is the multi-tool of motorcycle luggage. It can be a pack divider inside your non-waterproof bag and keep your stuff dry, it can be mounted on top of our Expedition Trail Bag 2, it can be directly mounted on the rear seat or it can become a shoulder sling bag. Made with the same super strong vinyl coated waterproof fabric as the other bags in our Expedition series, the Expedition Dry Bag 2 will keep your essentials dry in any condition, as long as you don't take it snorkelling underwater

Explore Expedition Dry Bag 2: Click Here

Drystack Saddlebags

Simplistic in design, yet highly effective, the Drystack Saddlebags are inspired by the classic holdall bags. The stormproof roll-top top-loading main compartment with an internal detachable dry-bag liner is perfect to keep your essentials dry. The outer shell is made of PU coated heavy duty polyester. Engineered specifically for motorcycles with a horizontal silencer, the Drystack Saddlebags are a must on your next monsoon ride.

Explore Drystack Saddlebags: Click Here
Watch our Drystack Saddlebags mounting video: Click Here

Grab Hybrid Tail Bag

Our Grab Tail Bag is a hybrid tail bag that will adapt effortlessly to any changes in your plan. The innovative collapsible legs take the cargo capacity up from 50 ltr to 60 ltr, so you on-demand extra space in your bag just in case you need it in the middle of your adventure. The stormproof roll-top top-loading main compartment with a wide U shaped zippered flap and an internal detachable dry-bag liner will make sure everything you pack inside stays dry.

Explore Drystack Grab Hybrid Tail Bag: Click Here
Watch our Drystack Saddlebags mounting video: Click Here

Aquapouch Waist Pack

The Aquapouch Waist Pack is one-of-a-kind, instant-access holster for your everyday essentials. When you open the storm-proof roll-top closure, you get access to a 3 ltr main compartment with a detachable dry-bag liner inside. Whether you use it for your daily commute to office, or on a long ride; the Aquapouch Waist Pack makes sure that the things you need the most are quickly accessible and dry!

Explore Aquapouch Waist Pack: Click Here


Shark Mobile Mount

While our range of stormproof bags make sure your stuff stays dry in the rain, the Shark Stormproof Mobile Mount keeps your smart phone dry on-the-go. The mount comes with a stormproof case which can accommodate mobile devices upto 6.2 inch screens. The seal ensures protection from water while the high frequency welded pouch ensures your phone is protected from the elements. The 360 degree rotation of the mount lets you change the orientation of the case from portrait to landscape mode in seconds. The pouch of the Shark Mount has a peripheral air channel to assist in reducing shocks in extreme conditions.

Explore Shark Stormproof Mobile Mount: Click Here


Rain Liners (Jackets and Pants)

Last but not the least, it is equally important to keep yourself as dry as your belongings on a monsoon ride. Therefore, all Rynox jackets and pants come with a rain liner. Our rain liners are made from waterproof breathable shell with sealed seams and can withstand medium to heavy showers when worn with the primary shell.

Explore our Layering System: Click Here

This monsoon, don't let the rains keep you home. We’ve got your covered, quite literally!

Ride safe. Safe Hard. Ride dry.


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