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Secure, quick, adaptable, and with embedded retro reflective filaments; you can never have too many Gripper Bungees.


What’s Included: 1 unit of Gripper Bungee



  • At Rest: 42 in (3.5 ft)
  • Fully Extended: 84 in (7 ft)


Weather Proof Materials and Construction:

  • Premium latex rubber core and polyester sheath
  • Durable plastic hooks
  • Zero-roll flat structure: Flat structure ensures the bungee stays in place and doesn’t get displaced

Increased Low Light Visibility: Retro reflective filaments embedded in sheath


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  • Hi, Durable plastic hooks how the quality will be, is that rope punched inside the hook ? because if we put tight in luggage the hook will remove mostly so my doubt is How much Quality of rope and Hook

    The Gripper Bungee has a braided construction, that weaves together multiple strands of latex rubber cords inside a sheath of polyester. This makes the finished bungee cord very strong. The hooks have a plastic shell with a steel core. The hooks and the bungee are joined together by a smalled hook punched through the end of the bungee and finished with a retainer plastic cover. The Gripper is one of the strongest bungees on the market today. You don't have to worry about any failure, if used for the intended application.

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