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Attention! Due to the COVID-19 lockdown in some states, it may take longer than usual to deliver your order. We appreciate your patience.

Rynox Customer Support > Online Purchases > Money Debited but Order Not Confirmed

Money debited but order not confirmed? Don't worry. Fill in and submit this form below.


We will first need to verify if the same amount has been credited to our account. We request you to share with us a screenshot/image of the confirmation you received from the payment gateway, when the amount was deducted from your account. We will also need a few more details from you, included in the form below.


Possibility 1 - The amount reflects in our account

  • We will create a manual order for you and the same will be confirmed by our customer support team via mail.
  • You'll also get an automated update mail once your manually created order is shipped.


Possibility 2 - The amount does not reflect in our account

    • In this case, the amount has not been credited to our account.
    • We request you to contact your bank for further assistance regarding the amount deducted from your account.
    • We also request you to place a new order so we can process it and ship your gear to you.


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