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Nothing but the essentials


Designed with a strictly utilitarian approach, the Air GT is a no-nonsense jacket for the no-nonsense motorcyclist, now in its 3rd edition!


You get a Rynox Wingman personal accident insurance cover of INR 50,000/- with the purchase of this product. Click here for more details.


Impact Protection

  • Shoulder and Elbow: Safe-Tech (Italian) CE Level 2 protectors certified to standard EN 1621-1: 2012 Level 2
  • Back: Safe-Tech (Italian) CE Level 2 protector, with superior coverage, certified to standard EN1621-2:2014 (New for 2021)
  • Chest: Pockets ready for Cerros CE Level 1 or Safe-Tech CE Level 1 chest protectors certified to prEN1621-3:2017 (Sold Separately)


Abrasion Protection

  • Super Ventilated Outer Shell: Lightweight and sturdy 3D mesh with dual-fold knit
  • Heavy Duty Textile: 600D PU coated polyester. Tear resistant interlocking Dobby weave.


Safety Features

  • Increased Low Light Visibility: Retro reflective panels on chest, arms and back


MODULAYER - Performance Layering System 

Under our MODULAYER system, you can now buy just the riding jacket or all the layers together, as per your specific individual need. Choose your weather protection from our range of MODULAYERs



  • Fit: Street fit
  • Fit Modulation: Girth adjusters on waist, arms and cuffs
  • Cushioned Comfort: Soft Neoprene trims on collar and cuffs, prevent chafing of skin


More Features

  • Safety Stitch System: Dual stitching on slide zones
  • Cargo Capacity: 3 pockets
  • Pants connection zipper

Jacket Sizing

Around Chest (inches)36-3838-4040-4242-4444-46474849


Ask a Question
  • Can we fix chest protector in GT v2.0 L2

    No, Air GT v2.0 L2 jacket doesn't come with Chest protector pocket.

  • Can the back protector of AIR GT be upgraded to something better like C E approved protection or Knox?

    No, we don't provide any upgradation for armours.

  • What is the actual way of measuring the chest? According to the sample picture the chest measurements is including the biceps. Is it the way i should measure my chest or it only the chest part excluding biceps?

    It's only the Chest part. Around your chest measurement. (Do not include Biceps) 

  • Is there is any emi option to purchase air gt 2.0 jacket

    Yes, we have an EMI option for the payment mode. While purchasing the product in the payment gateway one can find EMI option in the last.

  • What's the difference between rynox air gt and tornado pro?

    Air GT and Tornado Pro both are Mesh Jackets. Both come with thermal as well as rain liner. The key differences are mentioned below.  1) Air GT comes with PU CE EN1621-1:2012 protectors, while the Tornado Pro comes with KNOX CE EN 1621-1: 2012 proetctors. 2) Tornado Pro comes with Reissa Membrane rain liner which is a breathable waterproof membrane, while the Air GT comes with TPU coated Polyester rain liner.  3) The Rain/Thermal Liner of Tornado Pro can be worn as a stand alone jacket, unlike the one in the Air GT 4) Tornado Pro comes with Impactech™ design developed by Rynox on impact zones with dual reinforcement of Du Pont (Invista) Cordura reinforcement at impact zones to provide higher abrasion resistance. While both the jackets serve the purpose of being an all season jacket, the Air GT does everything from providing Certified protection to being an all weather jacket. On the other hand, the Tornado Pro comes equipped with some additional protection features and of course Knox protectors.

  • My shirt size is 42 what size of jacket fit for me my height is 5.11"

    Please check the size physically by visiting any of our dealer nearby your place so that you could have a good idea

  • Is there any outer rain liner available for this jacket?

    Yes, the Air GT Jacket comes with external rain liner, made from waterproof and breathable fabric. With sealed seams and retro-reflective trims.

  • Does the safe tech armours in Air GT 3 jacket are temperature tested just like Knox armours on tornado 3 pro ???

    The Safetech shoulder and elbow protector inserts in the Air GT 3 Jacket are temperature tested and certified to standard EN 1621-1: 2012 Level 2 (T+/T-)

    The T+ in the certification refers to hot temperatures testing and the T- refers to cold teperatures testing.

    You can see the details of the CE Level 2 certification and temperature testing here on the website of Safetech.

    Shoulder Part 431:

    Elbow Part 432:

  • Can the rain liner of Air GT 3 jacket serve heavy rain?

    The Air GT 3 is a jacket engineered primarily for daily commuting and/or short rides. As such, the internal rain liner of the jacket can withstand light showers through the day, or medium to heavy showers for a short period of time; both when worn with the primary shell.

  • Does it have waterproof pocket?

    The internal chest stash pocket on the Air GT 3 has a media outlet. Also, all 3 pockets on the Air GT 3 Jacket have non-waterproof Vislon zippers. As such, the Air GT 3 does have a waterproof pocket.

  • My Chest Size is 34..... what size I bought for the website.

    We highly recommend you to go through the size chart on the product page and arrive at the size by comparing your body measurements with the size chart. The size chart is next to the Description tab about half way through the product page

  • Can we customize the jackets

    We currently do not offer any customisation services. Please also note that any change that affects the structural integrity of the jacket is likely to void the warranty

  • Will I get jacket storage cover along with the jacket.

    The jacket covers that we used to supply to the dealers with our jackets and pants we intended for short term storage in the warehouse. Once used and washed, it is not recommended to store your gear in those covers. The gear needs to be stored in a cool, shaded and ventilated place, ideally hung inside a cupboard that gets opened at least once a week.

  • I wanted to add a Patch to the jacket. It's made of Velcro. Can we sew it in the jacket?

    We do not recommend sewing in any patches on the jacket, as it might hamper the performance of the jacket. Do note that the efficiency of the abrasion resistance of the shell of the jacket is directly proportional to health of the shell. Any changes made on the product, by the user, will void the warranty.

  • Is Rain liner and Thermal liner detachable?

    Yes. The Air GT 3 Jacket comes with an internal rain liner and also an internal winter liner. Both the liners are detachable.

  • The size is with thermal liner or without thermal liner ??

    When sizing for a protective riding jacket with internal liners, it is ideal to do so with the liners incuded. This will help you to arrive at the perfect size for you with all the liners on. When you need to wear the jacket without the liners, use the girth adjustors built into the jacket that let you modulate the fit as required.

  • Can I use it as all terrain?

    The Air GT 3 Jacket is equipped with abrasion resistant 600D polyester shell, CE Level 2 Certified impact protectors in the shoulder, elbow and back; and a winter liner as well as a rain liner. It is highly ventilated thanks to strategically placed panels of dual-fold 3D knit mesh. With these features in mind, the Air GT 3 is ideal as your first jacket or as a secondary light-duty jacket. The jacket is perfectly suited for summer, but can be used light-rains or mild-winters.

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