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Nothing but the essentials, now with CE certification!

Designed with a strictly utilitarian approach, just like our Air GT 3 jacket, the Air GT gloves are no-nonsense gloves for the no-nonsense motorcyclist!

BEFORE YOUR SELECT YOUR GLOVE SIZE: Based on design, fit and form factor, every pair of gloves in our range has a unique sizing chart. Make sure you specifically follow the sizing instructions and the size chart mentioned on this page, before you select your glove size.

Complete CE Certified Protection

Not just the protectors, the entire Air GT glove is CE certified to standard EN13594:2015. This CE certification includes 15 different tests and the gloves are verified to have:

  • Impact resistance: Residual force < 9kN (Kilonewtons)
  • Abrasion resistance: Slide time ≥ 4s (Seconds)
  • Cut resistance: On palm ≥ 1.2N (Newtons)
  • Tear strength: On palm ≥ 25N and back hand ≥ 18N (Newtons)
  • Seam strength: Main seams ≥ 6N/mm (Newtons per Millimeters)

Impact Protection

  • Knuckle: TPU protectors with HD foam backing
  • Scaphoid Bone, Fingertips, Finger Joints: HD foam inserts

Abrasion Protection

  • Heavy Duty Durable Chassis: made from premium perforated soft full-grain leather
  • Reinforced Protection: leather panels at abrasion zones


  • Fit: Cuff length, urban fit
  • Zero Wear In Required: Pre-curved fingers
  • Fit Modulation: Girth adjusters on wrist
  • Ergonomic Trims: Accordion stretch panels on finger joints that flex with hand movements

More Features

  • Ease of Access: Touch screen friendly TapFingertips™ on index fingers

      Gloves Size Chart

      To find your glove size

      • Lay your dominant hand flat on a level surface
      • Keep the fingers together, palm facing upwards
      • Wrap a measuring tape around your palm, just below the knuckles, not including the thumb
      • Measure the circumference in inches

      Gloves SizePalm Measurement (in Inches)
      S6.5 to 7.49
      M7.5 to 8.49
      L8.5 to 9.49
      XL9.5 to 10.49
      2XL10.5 to 11.49


      Ask a Question
      • Are these gloves good for winter season (10-15 degree Celsius)?

        Air GT Gloves can be used in winter. However, if you are looking for gloves that will keep the winter out and keep your hands warm; you will need to find a pair of gloves with some type of insulation built into them. Such gloves are currently under development in our product engineering studio and we should have some news for you sooner rather than later!

      • Are these gloves good for sweaty palms?

        The Air GT gloves are made from premium perforated soft full-grain leather, with a soft comfort liner inside which works as a sweat absorbant layer. The gloves will wick away sweat. However, to maintain the protective function of the gloves and to optimise the service life of the gloves, we highly recommend regular maintenance. Follow recommended care instructions, wash and clean the gloves at regular intervals, dry them completely before storage or use and condition the leather after washing.

      • how do we know our hand size?

        Do refer to the size chart on the product page, it is next to the Description tab about half way through the page. The size chart has detailed instructions on how to measure your palm. In case you have any more doubts, do give us a call on our customer support number.

      • can we use this gloves during rain ? or can we wash this gloves?

        The Air GT Gloves have a perforated leather chassis and are engineered and optimised for use in warm and dry climates. Generally speaking, while leather gloves can be used in the rain; you will need to take care after they get wet. Properly drying the gloves and moisturising them before storage should increase the service life of your leather gloves. However, if you are looking for gloves that will keep the rain out and keep your hands dry; you will need to find a pair of gloves with some type of water resistance of water proofing built into them.

        To answer your second question, the Air GT gloves can be washed. Please refer to the care and storage instructions included in the User Guide that comes with the gloves. Regular maintenance and careful storage are the two keys to increasing the service life of your gloves. Avoid waiting till your gloves get very dirty. Clean your gloves at regular and frequent intervals.

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