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AirTex Riding Pants

₹ 6,450

  • KNOX® Micro Lock Armours-CE (EN-1621- Level 1) T-& T+ Knee and Shin (Leg) (Rynox Exclusive)
  • Unique KneeSlap™ mechanism which lets you adjust the Knee/Leg Armours as per your knee position externally after wearing the pant (Rynox Exclusive)
  • Dual Detachable Multi-Climate Liner:
    1)Detachable Liner 1: Internal Warm Insulation Liner – Best in Class | Full Length | Extra Cozy | Heat Stitched
    2)Detachable Liner 2: External Waterproof Liner with Reflective at the back for increased visibility even when your rainwear is on (Rynox Exclusive)
  • Foam Hip protectors
  • Mesh Panels at the front and back to ensure maximum ventilation
  • SUPERGRIP™ at seat to ensure better grip and abrasion (Rynox Exclusive)
  • 2 Front Pockets to store essentials
  • 2-Way waist adjusters to ensure snug fit

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  • Does it totally waterproof?

    The AirTex Pant by itself is not waterproof as it consists of Mesh. However, it does come with an external rain pant which does provide waterproofing up to 5000mm.

  • Are these pants to be worn over Jeans.. Are these Over Pants..? And how is the rain protection.. There is a liner inside or a rain trouser to be worn separately..

    AirTex pants are not over-pants and are meant to be worn directly over the skin and not over any trousers/denims/etc.  Since the Pants are not over-pants providing an internal rain liner would not make sense, as in case of a rainfall the rider will have to remove the pant in the middle of the road (which he has worn over his skin directly) in order to attach the internal rain liner and all this while it is raining.  Thus the Airtex pant comes with TPU coated breathable External Rain Pant to be worn over the AirTex pant. 

  • Does it have a zipper to connect to the riding jacket?

    No, we currently don't have a zipper to connect to the riding jacket but however, in our riding jackets, we have the connecting zipper with itself. So you can use that zipper for the AirTex riding pant. Regards!

  • How is this different from Advento pants? In what way is this superior/inferior to advento pants ?

    Advento Pant is mainly an all textile pant with an option of opening the mesh panel for ventilation when required using the Aeroflip mechanism, while the AirTex is a combination of mesh and Cordura. AirTex include more of mesh as compared to Advento and the mesh removes open all the time, unlike in Advento where you get an option to close the Mesh Panel if not required. Another prominent difference is that the Advento Pant comes with Knox CE EN 1621-1 certified armors for hips, while the AirTex include foam insertion at the hip portion. However both the Pants come with Knox K+L approved armour (Knee+Shin) with a feature to adjust the armour as per your knee height and riding postion to ensure the armor falls in the right place and provides protection incase of a fall.

Pant Sizing

Waist Size (Inches)28-29"30-31"32-33"34-35"36-37"38-39”

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