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 Introducing the Expedition Series - Stormproof Motorcycle Luggage System!

Now in its 2nd evolved avatar, with increased volume and a more robust shell; the modular and stormproof Expedition Trail Bag 2 is the multi-utility tool of motorcycle bags.

Volume and Compartments

  • Compatibility: Universal
  • Cargo Volume: 42 Ltr
  • Stormproof roll-top top loading main compartment
  • 1 quick access stash pocket


Mounting Mechanism

  • Versatile Form Factor: Can be used as a backpack, trail bag, duffel bag, tail bag
  • 4 mounting straps (2 front, 2 rear) with quick release buckles
  • Shipped with detachable backpack straps and a shoulder strap


Materials and Construction

  • Outer Shell Material: Super strong vinyl coated waterproof fabric
  • Stormproof: Main compartment with roll-top closure (minimum 3 folds recommended to block water ingress)
  • Seamless Ingress Protection: Radio frequency heat welded seams


More Features


    DimensionsLength (1)Breath (2)Height (3)


    Ask a Question
    • what is the capacity of this bag ? means how much litre volume

      Expedition Trail bag has 37 liters capacity.

    • Besides the sling and the two backpack type straps how many other straps do you provide with the bag??

      The bag comes with 3 mounting straps to mount the bag as a tail bag, besides the removable shoulder and the backpack strap.

    • Can this bag used during summer? Will the heat damage the bag?

      Yeah, you can use the Expedition Trail bag in summer. The heat won't damage the bag. The bag is favourable for all weather conditions.

    • Is this bag suitable for R15 ???

      The Expedition Trailbag is much suitable with the Yamaha R15 on the pillion seat.

    • Hi team, can this be used as laptop bag pack?

      Yeah, you use this as laptop bag pack but make sure you use soft padding cover to the laptop to ensure its safety from the impact.

    • Hello team Rynox.Is this bag is suitable to mount on Royal Enfield classic 500 and is it 100% waterproof ? I am asking this question as I am planning for a konkan ride for 7 days where rain can be expected at any time of the day. Thanks in advance.

      Yes Expedition trail bag is compatible to mount on Royal Enfield classic 500 and it is fully waterproof luggage.
      The Expedition trail bag is waterproof luggage which is built with super strong vinyl coated waterproof fabric. Radio Frequency heat welded seams to ensure IPX4 waterproofing standard.


      Yes, the Expedition Trailbag and Drybag are both waterproof bag, with heat sealing and no stitching made up on 100% WP+WR coated fabric and thus can provide waterproofing in heavy rainfall as well.

    • I need to know whether this bag is suitable for ktm duke and i need to know whether it consists of clips to mount in bike or we need a bungee cord to tie in rear seat of the bike .. Thank yu!!!

      The Expedition Trail bags is much suitable on all the KTM Dukes. The bag's form factor allows it to be compatible with any bike with a pillion seat or a tail rack. The bag comes with 4 mounting straps to mount the bag to any bike. Additionally, the bag comes with multiple D-loops at strategic points to help you use bungee cords, in case you want to use bungees

    • Is this bag suitable for KTM RC ???????

      Yes, the bag is compatible with the RC 390. 

    • Will it fit on duke 250 2017 model?

      Yeah, Expedition Trail bag is compatible with KTM Duke 250 2017.

    • Can it fit on duke 250 2017 model?

      Yeah, Expedition trail bag is easily compatible with KTM Duke 250 2017

    • Comes with rain cover?

      Expedition Trail Bag is a stormproof bag, the bag itself is stormproof and doesnt need any rain cover

    • Hi.Team Will it fit for BMW g310GS tail career as it is a much bigger surface than the rear seat ?

      Yes, it is compatible with BMW G310 GS. However, moutning it on tail rack it would be difficult for mounting strap to hold the bag firmly

    • Can I use it on Scrambler Ducati Icon?

      The Expedition Trail Bag 2 is designed to be universally compatible when mounted on the rear seat of any motorcycle. It should fit on your Scrambler Ducati Icon, as your motorcycle has the rear/pillion seat configured. We do not recommend mounting the Expedition Trail Bag 2 directly on the rear fender, without the pillion seat. We highly recommend you visit the nearest Rynox authorised dealership along with your motorcycle, to be 100% sure of the fit.

    • Will this suite for NS 200

      The Expedition Trail Bag 2 is designed to be universally compatible when mounted on the rear seat of any motorcycle. It should fit on your Bajaj Pulsar NS 200.

    • Can we use this for the XPulse 200. Do we need to have additional bungee cords?

      The Expedition Trail Bag 2 is designed to be universally compatible when mounted on the rear seat of any motorcycle. It should be compatible with the Hero Xpulse 200. You can mount the bag using the quick release straps that come with bag. Alternatively, you can also mount it using bungees that may be separately available with you.

    • Can this bag be installed on top rack plate of interceptor?

      The Expedition Trail Bag 2 is designed to be mounted on the rear seat. The bag requires an area as wide as the rear seat to be mounted with a zero displacement fit. We will highly recommend you mount the bag on the rear seat and not on the rear luggage rack.

    • Hi, How may straps are provided other than Shoulder and side strap. In the Q & A, two answers are given, 4 as well as 3 straps.

      The product comes with the following
      -4 mounting straps
      -1 shoulder strap
      -2 backpack Straps

    • Hi team Could you please upload a video on how this bag can be mounted on the bike You can check this link for mounting.

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